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VMP 2018-2022

Clink on link below to see the POCCA team's newsletter this week:

This is a request to have your town Health and Water boards write a comment letter against the VMP (vegetation management plan) 2018 written by Eversource, sent to MDAR, see details below. Also, please have someone be present at one of the Eversource Public Hearings to give them the comment directly. MDAR has specifically requested to be given a FACT- based comment from town Boards of Health and Water boards on this issue.

Note, the VMP is written for the next five (5) years, so this is a critical time to get involved to help prevent herbicide use this way along rights-of-way power lines on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.

The VMP lists the 'use of herbicides' to maintain vegetation along Rights-of-way power lines. In 2013, Eversource used 2,026.5 gallons of herbicides on Cape Cod. In 2014, Eversource used 2,103 gallons of herbicides on Cape Cod ROW. Potentially that's around 10,000 gallons of herbicides were used within the past 5 years. Today I write to you to help prevent this from occurring for the next five (5) years on our land, above our aquifer on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.

We are in the comment period now and it closes on March 16th at 5pm.

Letters go to MDAR (Mass department of Agricultural Resources), the next step is for MDAR to approve Eversource's VMP 2018 - 2022.

Please note changes:

1 - MDAR (Mass department of Agricultural Resources) has changed the date of the ending of the comment period for writing to them by March 16th (not March 2nd). Letters must be sent by 'snail mail' and FACT-based only will be considered and counted (per request from MDAR).

Please send to:

Rights-of-Way Coordinator

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

251 Causeway Street, Suite 500

Boston, Mass 02114

2 - There is an Eversource Public Hearing at the Sandwich town hall in the auditorium on March 1st at 11am to 12:30pm. After MDAR will share more on the VMP to the public to 2pm.

3 - There is another newly added Eversource Public Hearing at Chatham town offices Annex, lower level out back, on March 6th at 11am to 12:30pm. After MDAR will share more on the VMP to the public to 2pm.

See attached document from MDAR for more details but note it does not have the Sandwich Hearing included but they confirmed with me that it will still be going on.

Here is the VMP 2018 - 2022:

Let me know if you add this request to your board meeting and someone is needed to be present to clarify or speak about this with your board, I would be glad to give a presentation if needed before March 16th.

Please send me what your board writes for our records, thank you.

Remember to send final document to MDAR by 'snail mail' and it would be great if you could send your document letter by email to Senator Julian Cyr, Representative Sarah Peake and any other state officials you feel should know what is going on. Thank you for this extra step, it may prove to be most important.

I appreciate your participation at this time.


Laura Kelley

President of POCCA Cape Cod

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