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Lessen Your Impact Above Our Aquifer

1 - Vote with your dollar 

Where you spend money matters!

We have an abundance of local artists, musicians, farmers, and markets here on the Cape who share their talents with the community.

Spending your dollar consciously and locally will help build up our economy here. Supporting local businesses means you aren’t building up big corporations and you are giving local families a better chance.

2 -  Become truly non-toxic 

What you buy affects nature! 

We have two homes to protect, our bodies and the planet.

It is very important to purchase non-toxic products for inside and outside your home and body. 

You would help protect your loved ones, pets and natural resources for generations to come.

Learn more on how to become truly non-toxic!

3 - Recycle 100% 

How you treat your waste counts! 

Consuming consciously is so important when it comes to plastic waste, the one-use mentality is outdated and needs to be replaced with the reuse mentality!

Transfer it all properly so it doesn’t end up in a land fill somewhere to rot over time.

Learn more about recycling options on Cape!

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download the PDF! 

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