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•These four bills need your support by February 5th, 2020:

H.792 - Essentially bans Glyphosate in the Commonwealth on all lands/

                   Reworded to = removes glyphosate products from store shelves in Massachusetts 

S.499 - Stops Glyphosate use on State-owned/maintained lands

H.791 - Stops most Pesticide use on school/child care grounds, including Glyphosate

S.477/H.776 - Gives towns authority to regulate pesticides on town and/or private lands


The Public Hearing for these Bills was November 12, 2019, at 1pm,

At the Massachusetts State House, Room A-2, 24 Beacon St., Boston, MA.

The POCCA team was there with 160 more Mass. residents speaking to support for us all ~


•Call The MA Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture:

Please make two phone calls by February 5th, 2020:

1 - Senate Chair, Anne Gobi: (617) 722-1540

2 - House Chair, Smitty Pignatelli: (617) 722-2210

Your Three Easy Steps:

1 - My name is ___________ _____________

2 - My town is ___________, Zip Code ___________

3 - Please put me on record in support of 4 Bills #: H.792, S.499, H.791, and S.477/H.776


                 ~  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping!  Brought to you by The POCCA team ~


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