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Community Outreach

Cape-wide, we educate our community through special events, speaking at schools, or working with elected town officials.

POCCA Events

Joining with community members for interesting events and fun is an important part of POCCA’s work.  Examples include agricultural fairs, the Brewster Farmers’ Market, the Brewster Democratic Society, the Barnstable Democratic Society, and the Unitarian Universalist Church in Brewster. 


Check the POCCA Calendar below for upcoming events.

Educational Presentations

POCCA has gone into the classrooms in our schools to begin educating students of all ages about the importance of being good stewards of our environment.  These presentations have been really well received by students, who have gotten very involved in the participatory activities and have come away with lots of new knowledge.  POCCA has done other educational programs in different settings as well, such as the Cape Wildlife Center. 

Local Government Involvement

POCCA has been and a regular participant at Boards of Selectmen meetings across the Cape.  We have also met with Boards of Health and Water Departments to educate town officials and help build support for measures to protect our water from needless contamination with toxic herbicides.  POCCA testified before the Barnstable Assembly of Delegates in the spring 2016 in an effort to win approval for a Barnstable County Bill of Rights,  which would have included the right to clean water. Unfortunately, this effort failed by one delegate, but we plan to introduce it as a 2018 ballot initiative.

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