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Donations Welcome!

POCCA is an educational organization relying on the generosity of people concerned about water quality. We do need funding to do our work. 

If you could help with a kind donation, that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.


The POCCA team is helping to protect the quality of life on Cape Cod and now in 2020 throughout towns in Massachusetts by educating local and State governments to write more strict regulations for the preservation of natural resources we rely on and the health of generations to come. 


Will you please help us continue our work, we wish to do more but are limited financially.  THANK YOU for this consideration, it is much appreciated!

~ The POCCA Team 

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~ THANK YOU for your kind donation ~
Another option is to write a check Written out to:  POCCA Cape Cod
And send it to:
PO Box 17  North Eastham, MA.  02651
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