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Eversource is NOT spraying any town in Massachusetts in 2018 !!! herbicide-spraying-on-cape

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HUGE new news Glyphosate kills Bees ~

The POCCA team feels it is imperative that we connect the dots using up-to-the-minute available creditable research papers and not wait years for other 'science' to catch up and tell us what's going on all the time.  

Attached below is more credible evidence that Glyphosate used as the active ingredient in a pesticide in addition to being harmful to humans is also harmful to pollinators (bees) of different kinds.  

Massachusetts relies on MDAR to protect its citizens, visitors and its agricultural economy. As a scientist for MDAR it is up to you to do the right thing and ask for regulations to change at this time as it relates to the continued use of Glyphosate based pesticides. You asked for the facts behind our request earlier this week, attached is your proof. 

I would ask you to communicate with me as to what you are planning to do about these new developments: 


• Bees are dying due to Glyphosate affecting them. Why? "The herbicide glyphosate is expected to be innocuous to animals, including bees, because it targets an enzyme only found in plants and microorganisms. However, bees rely on a specialized gut microbiota that benefits growth and provides defense against pathogens. Most bee gut bacteria contain the enzyme targeted by glyphosate, but vary in whether they possess susceptible versions and, correspondingly, in tolerance to glyphosate. Exposing bees to glyphosate alters the bee gut community and increases susceptibility to infection by opportunistic pathogens.”    [Glyphosate perturbs the gut microbiota of honey bees, Erick V. S. Motta, Kasie Raymann, Nancy A. Moran, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Sep 2018, 201803880; DOI:10.1073/pnas.1803880115]

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• The court case in California where a school groundskeeper was seriously harmed from a pesticide that uses Glyphosate as its active ingredient,  so he took Bayer/Monsanto to court and the jury ruled in this favor for $289 million dollars. 

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• There are now 8,700 more cases where people have become hurt by Glyphosate lined up to take Bayer/Monsanto to court. 

Please see and agree that this is a harmful product to humans and bees. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts needs to do something about this.  Now that we know "Round Up™" is harmful, if a homeowner purchases it locally they can sue the store they bought it from if they become harmed.  If a town directs their groundskeeper to use it and he/she becomes harmed, they can sue the town for directing them to use.  This pattern has started and will continue to gain momentum. 

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