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You can have green property without the use of chemicals!

Will you JOIN THE MISSION to Protect Our Cape Cod Aquifer?


 For outside your home, please complete this Pledge and receive a sign for your land:

1 - I will use LEAF Compost to feed my lawn and gardens, not compost with any animal poop.

2 - I will not use Nitrogen or Phosphorus on my land it runs off & brings harm to ponds & ocean.

3 - I will use essential oils and plants like lavender & lemon grass to deter pests and diseases.

4 - I will not use any pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or toxic mosquito control.

5 - I will feed soil not plants to create happiness for worms who poop giving plants natural food.

6 - I will not use man-made synthetic fertilizers for it permeates through the soil to our aquifer.

7 - I will use one inch of water a week on my lawn and gardens to help conserve drinking water.

8 - I will not use a leaf blower on my land which kills eggs of beneficial insects and butterflies.

9 - I will mow my lawn every other week & cut grass to 3 inches tall encouraging root growth.

10 - I will plant native vegetation to create a sustainable property through the seasons of time.

11 - I will vote with my dollar and buy plants without neonicotinoides, an insecticide killing bees.

I pledge to do the above this year and beyond to protect the water we drink on Cape Cod.


May this sign bring a greater awareness to our community to better care for our resources here.

We all drink from the same water lenses, so we are in this together and it is up to us to care.

Visit our web site for more water information like, how far down is it to your drinkable water?

We enjoy sharing knowledge and would be glad to speak at your event to further educate.

We rely on donations to continue the mission to protect our land for us all.  Thank you so much.


~ To receive a FREE land sign, contact the POCCA team and thank you for caring ~

Protect Our Cape Cod Aquifer ~ ~

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