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Educate thyself!


We are doing all we can to educate our community there are simple acts of kindness we can do every day to protect fresh and salt waters that surround us.

The POCCA Team takes time to reach out to

21 towns on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.

We have requested the boards of Selectmen and health

send documents to the state to have more strict regulations above our aquifer.

We also go to Farmers Markets to share with the public what they can do, we create benefits with live music to celebrate water,

we work closely with town governments and lawyers to

upgrade local standards to protect our drinking water.

Please consider donating to a team working diligently

toward a healthier future for us all.


Are you sick due to RoundUP?

Or do you have a family member who is?

People are standing up asking for help:

When I first saw this, it hit me like a ton of bricks, this is the truth of our time now. We are all slowly getting sick due to the chemicals we choose to purchase. They are on foods we eat from any chain store and restaurant, really, it's getting harder to eat out now not knowing how your food has been treated.

The way to remain healthy is to buy from your local farmer or grow your own edibles. I say, shake the hand of the people who are feeding your family!

The person who collects food for your loved ones has a huge responsibility to bring into your home what is safe and healthy, right?

Is it time to change your purchasing location to farmers markets, or join a CSA, and learn to grow your own food?

Eating out at a restaurant isn't as healthy as it was the last generation with the EPA allowing up to 6 applications of RoundUp on certain fruits, vegetables and grains even cotton and sugar.

Conventional farmers are allowed to use RoundUP to kill their harvest prior to picking instead of harvesting with huge tractors ~ wait, what?!!!

It may be easier but it sure isn't healthier. Realizing this has been happening for years woke me up to wanting to spread the truth to others to help them decide for themselves what is best ~ shifting purchasing procedures is possible, then your money won't go to large corporations but to your own locally grown producers supporting your community instead! It's a win-win!

The person who purchases for your family has a great responsibility to bring in what is SAFE for inside, as well as, outside your home!

Seek NON-Toxic PET CARE ~ make wise choices for your pets too!

They are a part of the family after all! There are natural tick protection solutions out there, find what works best for you.

We like the AmberStone Pet collars custom made Raw Baltic Amber that when on your dog or cat warms up and deters pests because it's Amber, a tree sap.

Cool, right?

You can make your own spray for your pets to deter ticks:

In an 8oz spray bottle mix 20 drops of lemon grass (or any citrus) and cinnamon essential oils, mix and use prior to walks.

I put this on my own legs too!

Cinnamon deters ants in your home.

Peppermint deters mice.

There's a natural remedy for everything in nature!


Build up your soil by feeding your worms:

  1. Add one inch of compost to your land in spring and fall. Compost is a great food source for microorganisms and worms.

  2. Use Espoma, organic plant food in powder form when planting any new natives to your property. This is a slow release way to feed. Espoma created organic food such as: plant tone, holly tone, veggie tone, etc

  3. The most sustainable thing you can do is Get rid of your lawn and plant food for your family or plant native vegetation that flowers and becomes food for pollinators!

Giving back to land is giving back to us!

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